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Looking for the excitement of a major city, but the quaintness of a small town? Then Smyrna may be the perfect place for you. Known as the Jonquil City for its unique flowers, Smyrna is suburb of Atlanta that lies approximately 10 miles northwest of downtown. It’s popular with families and those looking for a quieter and more affordable area than downtown Atlanta can offer.


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Perfect for: A Quiet Escape From City Life

Smyrna is popular because it offers easy access to downtown with the quiet and affordable living you’d find in a small town. Commuters have easy access to Atlanta’s highway system. While it’s a breeze to get downtown, you don’t have to leave Smyrna to enjoy yourself.

  • Market Village is the result of a decades-long project to revitalize Smyrna’s downtown. The area is now full of bars, restaurants, and shops. The project was designed with an emphasis on openness, bright landscaping, and innovative streetscapes.
  • Smyrna has more than 25 parks that include playgrounds, baseball and softball fields, walking trails, and swimming pools. A 2005 renovation project updated all of the facilities and even added four new parks to the mix.
  • Smyrna is also great for those who love an active lifestyle. The city’s recreation department organizes adult leagues in a wide variety of sports, including basketball, baseball, softball, and volleyball. If you love sports, there’s no shortage of opportunities in Smyrna.


The Lifestyle: Big City Amenities at a Small Town Pace

Smyrna is a highly desirable location for those that work in Atlanta. Downtown Atlanta is only a short drive away. However, Smyrna offers a tranquil and quaint haven away from the bustle of the big city.

However, Smyrna has plenty to offer on its own. The downtown renovation has led to a resurgence in the dining and nightlife scene. From Smyrna’s golf courses to its numerous parks, there’s also plenty of recreational activities to keep any outdoor lover happy. On weekends, especially in the summer, you can find festivals, live concerts, and other happenings at Market Village, the city’s revitalized downtown area.

Many Smyrna residents value the simple pleasure of knowing their neighbors. Many of Smyrna’s neighborhoods feature traditional homes with big front porches. Children often play in front yards and on sidewalks. A stroll through the neighborhood will be met with frequent greetings from neighbors relaxing on their porches.


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Smyrna, GA’s Real Estate Market

Single family homes: Smyrna offers a wide variety of single family homes. Neighborhoods close to the city’s center offer traditional Craftsman and Victorian homes in quiet neighborhoods. As you venture away from the downtown area, you’ll find planned developments with newer homes ranging in all styles. Most of these developments feature neighborhood playgrounds and swimming pools.

Condos and townhomes: If you’re not looking for a house, Smyrna also has plenty of condos and townhomes available. Many of these are located in the Market Village area and sit on the upper floors of buildings that feature restaurants, bars, and shops. All you have to do is take the elevator down a couple floors and you’ll be ready to start your evening.

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Featured Neighborhoods in Smyrna, GA

  • Williams Park is Smyrna’s oldest neighborhood. The neighborhood’s streets are lined with historic Craftsman and Victorian homes. Within walking distance to downtown, the neighborhood is known as a “front porch community.” That is, walk the neighborhood and you’ll likely end up socializing on someone’s front porch.
  • As the name suggests, Forest Hills is a neighborhood tucked away into a forest. The area is a short drive from downtown and has a variety of home styles and lot sizes scattered across rolling hills. Forest Hills is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Smyrna.
  • Smyrna Heights is a kid-friendly and social neighborhood of mid-century homes. Two major parks are within walking distance and Smyrna’s downtown district is only a short drive away.
  • Market Village is in the heart of it all in Smyrna’s revitalized downtown area. Most of the homes in this neighborhood are townhomes and condos that are located above vibrant shops and restaurants. If you love the nightlife, then this is the area for you.


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You’ll Enjoy: Spending Time Outdoors in A Social Southern Town

There’s always something fun to do in Smyrna, especially in the warm summer months when the town loves to get together at festivals, outdoor concerts, and other events. Smyrna turns up the summer charm with community events throughout the year.

  • Jonquil Festival. This festival is such a hit that the town holds it twice a year. Held in April and September, the Jonquil festival celebrates the town’s unique Jonquil flowers. With bands, food, arts and crafts, and children’s activities, this festival is a must for every Smyrna resident.
  • Public parks and pools. With more than 25 public parks, Smyrna offers plenty of opportunity to stretch your legs and enjoy the South’s warm summer weather. Tolleson Park is one of the largest and most popular. It’s over 26 acres and features sports fields, playgrounds, and a public pool and splash area.


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The Workforce: Limitless Opportunities

Smyrna residents have easy access to the many employers in Atlanta’s booming economy. However, there are also some great work opportunities in Smyrna. Several national corporations have offices in Smyrna.

The downtown revitalization has also brought hundreds of new jobs to Smyrna in the restaurant, retail, and nightlife industries. Whatever your passion, you’re likely to find opportunity in and around Smyrna.


Why Live Here: Quiet Nights and Southern Charm

Smyrna is ideal for those who want to experience a Southern small town, but also want the amenities and benefits of the big city. Smyrna offers the best of both worlds. With social neighbors, endless recreational activities, a revitalized downtown, and easy access to Atlanta, Smyrna is a perfect place to call home.