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Welcome to Lithonia, GA!

Lithonia, Georgia is a small city in Delkalb County, Georgia. Its city population is 1,924 and its community population is close to 15,000. Nearby is the beautiful Stone Mountain were many residents love to go hiking or relax with the family. With a low cost of living, lots of local amenities, sunny weather, and a stable housing market, Lithonia is a great place to live.


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The Lifestyle: What Can’t You Do?

Life in a small town is a lot friendlier and quieter. You are always able to spark a conversation on the street because everyone knows everyone else. Just because it is a small town, doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do. Here are some interesting things you can find to do in Lithonia:

  • Visit one of Lithonia’s 10 parks. One park you will be sure to enjoy is Lithonia Park. You can come to swim, play basketball, or have a picnic with the family while the kids play on the playground.
  • Golfing is a big attraction in Lithonia. There are two golf courses in the area. One is Mystery Valley Golf Club. It is a great public golf course that everyone enjoys. The staff keeps the course in good condition and they are courteous to all customers.
  • Visit Stonecrest Mall. This mall has a good collection of stores to visit. It is a great place to go shopping and find popular stores that everyone loves like Hot Topic, Forever 21, Express and even JCPenney.


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Lithonia, GA’s Real Estate Market

The housing options in Lithonia are varied. Most of the condos and apartments were built from the 1980s to the present. The average home in Lithonia has 5 or more rooms, 3 or more bedrooms, and two car garages. A lot of the single family homes are traditional style. You will be able to find homes that are affordable here, because they make up most of the market, but you can also find luxuries homes as well. You just need to keep an eye out for the home that is right for you.

Average Price for Homes in Lithonia, GA:

Average Price for Homes

Featured Neighborhoods in Lithonia, GA

  • Amherst Downs – This community is vibrant, with fun people and affordable homes. The average home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
  • Avalon At Hillandale Park – These are great family homes with a spacious family room and lots of kitchen cabinet space. Some of these homes also have master bedrooms with vaulted ceilings and more!
  • Black Hawk Forest – This neighborhood is near a few schools including Martin Luther King Jr. High School. The homes are a great size, with some having 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 half bathrooms.
  • Valley View – The homes here are more on the luxurious side. The neighborhood has homes that are cape cod or traditional style. Each house has extensive interior features as well as a beautiful exterior.
  • Mill Creek – Homes here are affordable. A lot of the homes are single family homes that are ranch style. It is a quiet neighborhood down the street from Redan Middle School.


Georgia BBQ


You’ll Enjoy: Good Old American Cooking

We all love to eat. So, we want to live near places where we can get a little taste of something different than what we have at home. Lithonia has some of the best restaurants that service America cuisine. These restaurants range from bars, grills, steakhouses, and more. Here are some of the top restaurants in Lithonia:

  • Arizona’s At Stonecrest – People love the atmosphere of this restaurant and enjoy the delicious food. The service is excellent as well. Arizona’s At Stonecrest has everything from soup and salad to hickory grilled salmon. Definitely a place to check out.
  • Smokey Bones BBQ & Grill – For the amount of food they give you, the prices are reasonable! Many customers enjoy their burgers, BBQ chicken and their salmon. If you decide to have dinner at this establishment, you will not be disappointed.
  • Mamie’s Kitchen Biscuits – This is a nice breakfast restaurant located at 2821 Evans Mill Road. You will feel good just walking into the place, let alone sitting down and eating a piping hot meal.
  • Gladys Knight & Ron Winan’s Chicken & Waffles – The southern food here is tasty and inexpensive. When going here make sure to try their lemonade tea or their fried green tomatoes with your order of chicken and waffles. It is located at 7301 Stonecrest Concourse.
  • Dabomb Sports Grill – This grill has a laid back environment. There is no smoking, good food and prompt service. They offer American cuisine along with seafood and sandwiches. The prices are also reasonable.


Distinguished Schools in Lithonia, GA

There are also two universities in Lithonia, Georgia. These two universities are Luther Rice University and Strayer University. Luther Rice University is a culturally diverse college that provides students with a theological, biblically-based education. Strayer University offers an affordable tuition for all. Their degrees include accounting, business administration, criminal justice and more.


Perfect For: Nature Walks

Nature is beautiful and Lithonia highlights a lot of nature’s true beauty. There are a couple of places where you can go to really enjoy Lithonia’s wildlife. Here are some places you should check out:

  • Arabia Mountains – They have wonderful walking, running and biking paths throughout the mountain. If you’re lucky, you may be able to snap a picture of the wild deer, turkeys, and snakes that roam the area.
  • Stone Mountain – This park has a lot of things to do that the entire family will enjoy. You can have fun getting sprayed at Geyser Towers, visit the SkyHike or take a ride to the top of Stone Mountain. Stone Mountain also has a laser light show with fireworks at night.


Lithonia, GA’s Utilities


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The Workforce: Prestigious Job Opportunities

There are many jobs opportunities in or near Lithonia, GA. The jobs range from project managers to sales associates and from pharmacy technicians to senior accountants. With the city being so close to Atlanta, 19 miles to be exact, the job possibilities are endless. Some of the top employers for residents of Lithonia include:

  • Northside Hospital
  • StaffingForce
  • Marriot International
  • Emory University


Why Live Here: You’ll Have Everything You Need

Low cost of living, vibrant neighborhoods, good food, and beauty all around is what makes Lithonia, GA unique. Not to mention the recreational experience with parks and shopping malls close by. Come and enjoy the city’s relaxed atmosphere and warm weather like all the other residents. I’m sure most people will agree that Lithonia really is the a fantastic place to live!