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By Lentini
By Lentini

Welcome to Lawrenceville, GA!

The South has always been full of a friendly, authentic charm, and Lawrenceville is no exception. Rich in culture and history, you won’t lack for character in this incredibly picturesque city. Those who are looking to start, or raise a family in a supportive community not too far from a major city will find nothing lacking in Lawrenceville. The arts, food, events, great schools, strong ties, and shopping all exist in abundance. This Georgia city is the type that shines, encouraging lifelong residents, and creating a happy, positive atmosphere where good old-fashioned Southern hospitality is a way of life.


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By Erin-Thérèse Brierley
By Erin-Thérèse Brierley

The Lifestyle: Historic Suburb That Supports an Eclectic & Friendly Family Vibe

Lawrenceville is like a college town for families, but instead the charming street of bars and pubs, you’ll find one-of-a-kind boutiques, antique stores, and delightful eateries. The town has made a big push to provide enough entertainment to prevent the need to travel to Atlanta. Residents will enjoy a wide variety of productions at the Aurora Theatre, participate in some recreational activities at Rhodes Jordan Park, attend local festivals and events, and join the enthusiastic fans of the Gwinnett Braves. Although some of the entertainment borders on kitschy, people who live in Lawrenceville will have the ability to make some wonderful memories. Best of all, Lawrenceville believes in giving some power to the people, and the Neighborhood Improvement Grant helps the city continue to grow in the most positive way possible.



Lawrenceville, GA’s Real Estate Market

Lawrenceville’s real estate market took a beating like the rest of the economy. However, signs of life have returned, making it a very opportune time to get an excellent house for a great price. If you’re moving from a major city, you’ll find the prices initially shocking, and then a welcome surprise. The houses in Lawrenceville have a genteel quality and colonial charm. Exteriors are mixed, from brick to wood, and curb appeal is high. The square footage is a family’s dream, and there are plenty of special amenities like a library/office, great rooms, breakfast nooks, and separate tub/shower. Lawrenceville has lots of pockets, so finding the right neighborhood in a city of many might be your biggest challenge.

Average Price for Homes in Lawrenceville, GA:

Average Price for Homes

Featured Neighborhoods in Lawrenceville

  • Collins Hill
  • Woodbrook Way/ Lake Forest Trail
  • Five Forks Trickum Road/ Oak Road
  • Allendale


By Steve Hampton
By Steve Hampton

You’ll Enjoy: Embarking on adventures in your own community

Lawrenceville doesn’t lack for things to do. From nationally recognized theater education programs to a super-sized recreational center—residents will enjoy exploring every corner of their community. Here are some of the highlights to try in Lawrenceville.

  • Educational Programs and Performances at the Aurora Theatre – This nationally recognized program produces some incredible opportunities for acting-obsessed youth. Not only is there a slew of affordable children’s entertainment at the Aurora Children’s Playhouse, the Aurora Theatre Academy is truly awesome.
  • Play at Rhodes Jordan Park – Maybe it’s the fishing lake, or the fantastic aquatic center—but no matter what the draw is, you’re sure to find something to do at this 162 acre ode to fun. Other park highlights include sports facilities, community center, playgrounds, and pavilions.
  • See the Braves – No, it’s not the Atlanta Braves, but the popular local Gwinnett Braves. The small town atmosphere is unmatched with the enthusiastic home crowd and wonderful seating choices. While the box seats are great, nothing is better than a blanket on the lawn. No expense was spared when creating this homage to the all-American sport of baseball.
  • Don’t Forget the Small Stuff – Try a ghost tour, or attend a function at the busy Gwinnett Center, where you can visit the Children’s Art Museum and attend the ballet. Get moving at one of the Swing Nights, or get married and have the reception at the popular Historic Courthouse. Just make sure to enjoy all of Lawrenceville—then go ahead and visit Atlanta.


Distinguished Schools in Lawrenceville, GA


Perfect For: Young Couples & Families Ready to Grow Some Roots in a City With a Solid Foundation

Although many people will appreciate the benefits of a community like Lawrenceville, couples who are ready to, or have started a family will probably find it most appealing. When the time has come to slow down from a fast-paced city or college lifestyle, Lawrenceville still provides enough entertainment and activity and combine it with a great school system.


Lawrenceville, GA Utilities


The Workforce: Local Companies or a Challenging Commute

One statement that’s prevalent in Lawrenceville city reviews is the commute to Atlanta. While cities like Washington DC, Seattle, and LA will probably laugh at Lawrenceville’s commute times, if you don’t want to deal with it, there are some good local employment options as well. The area’s top employers are Cisco, Gwinnett Health Care System, State of Georgia, and Primerica. If you are willing to make the drive, invest in some audiobooks or a great sound system, and check out Atlanta’s top 100 companies to work for.


Why Live Here: Be a Part of a Family-centric Suburb That Continues to Evolve

Lawrenceville is aesthetically pleasing and friendly. It has good schools and is in close proximity to employment. Housing prices are affordable. Is there anything more you would want for a young family? The nice part is that Lawrenceville does have more. It has a community you don’t really have to leave to get what you want or need, and the culture, food, and entertainment are plentiful. Nothing says hospitality like the South, and in true Georgia spirit, Lawrenceville is a peach.