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Decatur, GA is a lively suburb with southern small-town charm, modern urban opportunities, and a colorful, progressive style that attracts educated young professionals from all over the country. It’s close proximity to Atlanta provides a simple commute to work while being able to escape the hustle and bustle at night. Many suburban towns feel quaint and isolated, but Decatur is comfortable, as well as modern and worldly. You don’t need to sacrifice your lifestyle by moving to Decatur.


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The Lifestyle: Open to New Tastes & Experiences

Decatur is a city the blends the natural beauty of Georgia’s scenery with the urban growth of Atlanta. If you’re looking for a place that puts you in touch with new experiences, whether it be food or outdoor adventures, then Decatur is a place you should look at for your next home. Here are some reasons why:

  • Awesome coffee and food.  Whether you crave Thai, Spanish, or Persian food, Decatur has a restaurant for you. There are not only dozens of restaurants, but also many coffee shops, so you can choose your favorite and spend your weekend mornings reading and enjoying the best coffee in the area. Farm-to-table restaurants are also gaining popularity in Decatur.
  • Beautiful surroundings. Decatur has far more parks and nature preserves than other similarly-sized cities, so green space and a nice trail will never be far.  You can look forward to hiking, picnics under the trees, and playing in the sun on gorgeous southern spring and summer days.
  • Unrivaled culture. The abundance of colleges and universities, as well as the proximity to Atlanta, provide incredible opportunities for cultural and entertainment events, but you don’t even need to leave town to see a play, movie, art exhibit, or concert.
  • Local, unique shopping. Whether you prefer to spend your weekends browsing books at a cozy independent bookstore or searching for new fashion trends at neighborhood vintage and designer stores, you’ll have options in Decatur.


Perfect For: Quirky, Young, Educated Professionals

Decatur is known for having the best of both worlds, for being both an urban destination and a safe suburban neighborhood.  However, Decatur is also rapidly developing a reputation as a progressive, modern town for young professionals and beginning families. Sustainability is not just a policy here. It has become a way of life and a commitment. The city government is also on the cutting-edge of supporting local business, and recently began a citywide program to encourage citizens to shop locally.

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Decatur, GA’s Real Estate Market

Decatur offers an unbelievable array of housing choices. Budget apartments, modern luxury condos, cozy starter houses, and historic bungalows are all present throughout each neighborhood in Decatur. The area is quickly becoming an even more popular place to live as the city grows and expands.

Those searching for a home in Decatur may find that many apartments and houses are slightly more expensive than those in other suburbs, but most residents agree that the cost is worth it for the opportunities, safety, schools, and culture that exist in Decatur. In addition, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) and easy access to major highways make Decatur an excellent area from which to commute into the city or to other suburbs.

Average Price for Homes in Decatur, GA:

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Featured Neighborhoods in Decatur, GA

  • Adair Park: The Adair Park area, located in Western Decatur, has a variety of housing options, and includes the Decatur Post Office, East Lake MARTA station, and a vibrant commercial district along Ponce de Leon Ave., as well as a four-acre park.
  • Westchester Hills and Chelsea Heights: These adjacent neighborhoods are in the northwestern part of town, and are home to a number of major thoroughfares, as well as two large parks and the Decatur branch of the YMCA.
  • Clairemont- Great Lakes: Clairemont-Great Lakes is a historic area in northern Decatur, containing a number of historically-significant homes and churches. In addition to its architectural value, the area is also home to a nature preserve and one of the three MARTA stops in Decatur.
  • Winnona Park Historic District: The Winnona Park neighborhood in southeastern Decatur possesses a rich history, and many of the homes are of the craftsman bungalow style. The Columbia Theological Seminary is also located in this area, as is the Avondale MARTA station.


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You’ll Enjoy: A Lively, Welcoming Southern College Town on the Edge of a Thriving Metro Area

  • Southern charm and big city opportunities.  Decatur straddles two seemingly opposing worlds: it borders a major city, and has all of the conveniences and benefits that come along with that location, but Decatur is also representative of the best of the South. Historic neighborhoods, old storefronts with modern businesses, and friendly neighbors help everyone feel welcome in Decatur.
  • Perfect weather, and plenty of opportunities to get outdoors. Decatur has hot summers, pleasant autumns and springs, and mild winters with only occasional snow.  You’ll want to spend a lot of time outside, and with Decatur’s local parks, it’s easy.  Swim at Glenlake and Ebster parks, play sports at Oakhurst, or just go for a walk with the family at Hidden Cove.


Distinguished Schools in Decatur, GA

Decatur offers a high-ranking public school system, which offers consistently high test scores and unique programs and teaching methods. A number of prestigious private schools are also nearby. Distinguished local schools include:

Along with the local elementary and secondary schools, Decatur also has many higher education opportunities, with the city’s demographics reflecting this commitment to learning: over half of Decatur’s citizens possess undergraduate degrees, and nearly a third have earned graduate or professional degrees, making Decatur one of the most well-educated cities in Georgia. Local educational institutions include:


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Healthcare jobs


The Workforce: Education, Healthcare, and Beyond

Decatur’s job market is heavily focused around large education, public service, and health systems, though small professional and service-based businesses are also thriving. The top employers in Decatur, GA are:


Why Live Here: A Colorful College Town in a World-Class City

From the municipal Wi-Fi program, which provides free wireless internet in much of the downtown area and public parks, to improving infrastructure for bicyclists, it’s clear that Decatur will not lag behind other larger cities. The town has made an effort to be progressive and contemporary, and to honor diversity. All of these factors combine to form a city that retains a local, small-town charm while still providing all the opportunities for entertainment, shopping, and lifestyle of an urban area.