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Conyers, GA is a unique small town located in Rockdale County, but, don’t let its size fool you. This city is best described as distinguished and vibrant due to its diverse community and rich historical background. Settled in the mid 1800’s, Conyers has a substantially progressive past, welcoming one of the first railroad stations in Georgia in 1854 due to the hard work and perseverance of its namesake, Dr. W. D. Conyers.

Conyers truly is a cultural melting pot. People from all races, religions, and nationalities have settled here, giving the city a richly versatile community. The diversity of Conyers has given it a unique culture all its own where all are welcome and appreciated for what they bring to the community.


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The Lifestyle: Small Town Feel, With Urban Appeal

Conyers is a perfect combination of city and small town; allowing residents to experience an urban lifestyle while still enjoying the small town charm Conyers has to offer.

While taking in the rural scenery around the town, it’s hard to believe Conyers is only 35 miles outside of Atlanta. Parks, covered bridges, lakes, and hiking trails are abundant throughout the area; allowing residents to truly experience the natural beauty and majesty of Rockdale County.

Love the Outdoors? Top Places to Check Out

Head to Conyers “Olde Town” and you are in for a treat. Art galleries, specialty stores, boutiques, theaters, and restaurants colorfully line Main Street and are easily accessible using the Olde Town Path Trail.


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Conyers, GA Real Estate Market

About 85% of homes in Conyers are considered “single family,” the other 15% are comprised of apartments and rental properties. Architectural styles in Conyers range from modern ranches and two stories to classic southern plantation style. Many of the homes are located in up-and-coming style neighborhoods with young professional couples making up the majority of the population demographic.

The floor plans of homes in Conyers are open and spacious, and the rural backdrop provides a relaxing southern-style retreat for commuters. Whether you prefer a classic southern estate with a wraparound porch or a quaint ranch outfitted with the most modern amenities, Conyers offers both at an affordable price.

Average Price for Homes in Conyers, GA:

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Featured Neighborhoods in Conyers, GA

  • Old Town Conyers Historic District: This area is set right in the heart of Conyers. Many homes in this area are classified as “historic” and feature some of the most beautiful architecture in the area. Olde Town Conyers Historic District is nestled in the downtown area and is close to all Olde Town attractions, shops, and restaurants.
  • Lake Capri: This neighborhood is centrally located on the banks of three man-made lakes, Capri, Sorrento, & Capistrano. The community is described as active and nature loving; maintaining its rural beauty through rigorous resident conservation efforts. The area features favorite Conyers fishing spots, hiking trails, and captivating natural views of the countryside.
  • North Side: This area is most famous for being the home of the Conyers GA International Horse Park; which hosted the 1996 Centennial Olympics for equestrian events. Homes in this area are in the median price range and offer the opportunity for an abundance of land per lot. If you are looking for a quiet place to settle down in that is still very close to Olde Town, The North Side area would be the ideal pick.


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You’ll Enjoy: Southern Hospitality Close to the City

Known for its southern charms, Conyers allows everyone to experience the simple southern lifestyle just a stone’s throw from Atlanta. Surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural landscapes Georgia has to offer and centered around a bustling historical downtown full of unique shops, Conyers is a perfect fit for those who want the best of both worlds.

  • Night Life: Conyers offers an eclectic mix of sports bars, comedy clubs, old school saloons, and restaurants making it easy to find something different to do every night. Because Conyers is so close to Atlanta, it also makes it easy to head to the city for special events.
  • Boutiques and Shopping: Small boutiques, antique shops, and art galleries are centrally located in the Olde Town area of Conyers. These shops offer a wide variety of custom made products, crafts, and historic treasures. A Sunday afternoon stroll down Olde Town’s walking path can prove to be an enlightening and fun.
  • Enjoy the Outdoors: State and recreational parks, walking paths, lakes, and mountain bike trails all offer lovers of the outdoors an abundance of choices for enjoying Conyers rural setting.


Distinguished Schools in Conyers, GA

Due to the proximity of Conyers to Atlanta, there are a wealth of colleges and technical schools to choose from in the area, including but not limited to Georgia Piedmont Technical Institute, Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute of Atlanta, & The University of Georgia.


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The Workforce: Work in the Community, or Easily Commute to the City

Conyers offers great opportunities for those looking to work in town or commute to the bustling city of Atlanta. Conyers welcomes those who wish to open their own business and small businesses thrive here. The city of Atlanta offers a wealth of employment opportunities for the professional in the tech, medical, finance, and retail markets.


Why Live Here: The Best of Both Worlds

The main reason why individuals make the move to Conyers is that they can have it all — a rural and scenic living space that has small town feel and is in close proximity to a major U.S. city. The low cost of living coupled with the town’s vibrant community and wealth of activities make Conyers ideal for the modern family.