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Atlanta’s New Breed of Real Estate

Today’s real estate market is not the cookie-cutter buy and sell recipe. With the internet boom, you now have access to any number of resources that show you market price points and educational brochures on how to achieve your real estate dream. As a result, the role of the real estate agent has been shifting slowly — and Carrington knows it. Each buyer and seller has specific desires, and you probably already have an idea on how to get them. It’s our job to show how to use those tools and provide you the wisdom of our experience.

With our knowledge of the local market, we can tell you if that price will work or not. We can show you if “this” renovation will add value or not. Moreover, we can highlight if now is the right time to be striving towards your real estate dreams. Because of our honesty and openness, we provide you with real insight and allow you to make more informed decisions.

Again, there is no cookie-cutter real estate recipe. Carrington knows only individual attention is key to success for you.


3 Ways Carrington Real Estate Services Isn’t Like the Rest

1. We Listen to What You Need

Every client knows what they want, but they might not know exactly what they need. Some home buyers may want a gorgeous 5 bedroom house, but they only have a budget of $200,000. As we connect with you, we’ll show you what’s right for your situation. We are experienced enough to know that we should sit down with you and have an earnest discussion (if the situation calls for it).

2. We are Available

A lot of real estate agents are busy, working as many deals as they can, but we understand bandwidth. We measure quality over quantity. Our individual attention is unmatched because we make ourselves available to your schedule. We don’t just sign contracts and go on as business demands. We mark out time to get to know you and start finding solutions for your real estate plans.

3. We know the Local Market

Atlanta is more than just a city. It’s a nexus for commuters in outlying towns. Because of this, we have hired local experts from each area, so we can provide you the quality, individual attention you desire. We know if it’s a good time to sell or buy. We know what price ranges work — all because we know the local market.

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What We Offer: Our Services

For Buyers:

We find homes that match your lifestyle. We all live in a variety of ways, and finding a home that matches your lifestyle is key to happy living. Every agent has access to thousands of house listings, but it’s only Carrington who analyzes how you’ll live in the house, so we can match you up with the perfect property.

For Sellers:

We develop marketing strategies for today’s buyers. As you begin to sell, we’ll look at who is buying and what they’re looking for. Armed with this information, we can develop a marketing strategy that will attract their attention, and hopefully get someone moved in as soon as possible.

Our Agents:

To stay good at what we do, we constantly train. The real estate industry is always growing and changing, and Carrington wants to lead it. That’s why we constantly seek new ways to do business and measure their effectiveness. We work to get above the usual real estate brokerage and provide you with an invaluable service.